Below is a list of the ciders and perrys that will be on offer at this year’s festival.

Please note that we may update this list as we need to so with additional details or if any become unavailable.

CockeyedMad Jack5dry
Dudda's TunBone Dry5.5Dry
Dunkerton'sDry Organic6.8Dry
Hunt'sBarn Screecher6.2dry
Meon ValleyDragonfly6Dry
Mr Whitehead'sNovo Pyrus Perry7dry
Sandford's OrchardsApple and Oak6.7Dry
Sandford's OrchardsThe General8.4dry
Tutts ClumpOldbury5.5dry
TwistedDesert Dry6dry
Venton'sSkippy's Scrumpy6.5dry
Bottle KickingPPP4Fruit
Bottle KickingC&L4Fruit
Bottle KickingR&P4Fruit
Bottle KickingC24Fruit
Bottle KickingR&S4Fruit
Celtic MarchesRuby Tuesday4Fruit
Celtic MarchesNell Gwynne4Fruit
Celtic MarchesCeltic Tiger4Fruit
Celtic MarchesTutti Fruit4Fruit
CockeyedMonkey Mango4Fruit
CockeyedStrawberry Blonde4Fruit
Dorset NectarElderflower4Fruit
Dorset NectarHunny Bubble4Fruit
Dorset NectarDamson4Fruit
Dudda's TunSalted Caramel4Fruit
Dudda's TunCherry4Fruit
Farmer Jim'sFarmyard Fruits4Fruit
Farmer Jim'sRootin' Tootin'4Fruit
Farmer Jim'sRhubarb Bob4Fruit
Farmer Jim'sStrawberry & Kiwi4Fruit
GwatkinRed Diesel4Fruit
Hunt'sRed Head3.8Fruit
Hunt'sPixie Juice3.8Fruit
Mr Whitehead'sToffee Apple4Fruit
Sandford's OrchardsFanny's Bramble4Fruit
Snails BankElderflower G&T4Fruit
Snails BankPineapple and Pink Grapefruit4Fruit
Snails BankFruit Bat4Fruit
Snails BankRaspberry Ripple4Fruit
Snails BankStrawberry and Lime4Fruit
Snails BankApple and Ginger4Fruit
Snails BankRhubard4Fruit
Tutts ClumpBlackberry4Fruit
Tutts ClumpCranberry4Fruit
Tutts ClumpMango4Fruit
TwistedStormy Lemonade4Fruit
TwistedBubblegum Burst4Fruit
West MiltonFlowery Bottom4Fruit
Dorset NectarTop O' The Hill5.5Med/dry
Dunkerton'sBlack Fox6Med/dry
Farmer Jim'sCopper Top7.4Med/dry
Meon ValleyHeron's Crest5Med/dry
Meon ValleyBrown Trout6Med/dry
PurbeckMuddy Scamp6.9Med/dry
Tutts ClumpJazz5.5Med/dry
Tutts ClumpPerry4Med/dry
GwatkinYarlington Mill7Med/sweet
Mr Whitehead'sRum Cask7med/sweet
PurbeckKaty Perry5.5med/sweet
Sandford's OrchardsDevon Mist4.5med/sweet
Celtic MarchesLily The Pink4.5Medium
Celtic MarchesThundering Molly5.2Medium
CockeyedDevon Jasper5Medium
Dorset NectarWild Cat5.5Medium
Dudda's TunPerry5.5Medium
Farmer Jim'sApple5Medium
Farmer Jim'sFarmyard Perry4.5Medium
GwatkinFarmhouse Perry7Medium
Mr Whitehead'sBoxing Dog7.5Medium
PurbeckPurbeck Pirate4.8Medium
Venton'sApple Vice6Medium
West MiltonStarlight6Medium
SiDaHolmes Chapel Apple6.2Medium
Dorset NectarSweet Maiden5Sweet
Dudda's TunSweet Apple5.5Sweet
Hunt'sHazy Dazy4.5Sweet
Snails BankAppley Dappely5.2Sweet
TwistedWild Orchard6Sweet
Venton'sSweet Maid In Devon6Sweet
West MiltonSunrise4.5Sweet
SiDaMaxonian Mist5.2Sweet

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